E-Meetings with Policymakers

The RYTA project encourages the participation of policymakers from different countries (Italy, Greece, Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon) in debates with rural youth. To this end, it plans the organization of e-meetings with policymakers, where young people living in rural areas can discuss the challenges they face and share possible solutions. The platform will enhance the connection between them.


At least six e-meetings with policymakers will be organized (one for each participating country) during months 17-18. Each meeting will include one young person living in a rural area, one representative from a youth organization, association, or cooperative located in rural areas, and one policymaker at the local, regional, or national level from the respective country. In total, there will be 18 participants, with three participants per e-meeting.


The debates and e-meetings will enable participants to create new projects, collaborations, and initiatives for the future. They will also help to remove barriers and dispel prejudices. Participants will be asked about the effectiveness of the meetings and the new ideas generated. All outcomes will be reported and published in the section repository

How to Participate

If you want to attend the e- Meetings with Policymakers, please let us know at  info@rytaproject.eu