The Project consists in encouraging the participation of rural young in democratic life in Europe.
Through the implementation of no formal training and mobility activities. The partners that come from Tunisia, Jordan, Italy, Lebanon, Greece, will cooperate to produce high quality results.

Ryta project will fulfil the following results: 
•    Capacity Building opportunities of youth organizations and their staff and promotion of youth engagement and inclusion of democratic life.
•    Bring together rural youth and decision makers to encourage youth to participate in the political cycle of rural areas
•    Raise awareness on environmental policies and sustainability, encouraging rural youth to actively participate in democratic life and policy development and advocacy –
•    Rural youth will develop or increase their skills and enhance their employability -Increase inclusiveness, solidarity, and transnational cooperation 
•    Rural youth will get to know better the EU, develop & increase their skills & knowledge, by participating in National Trainings & transnational mobility 
•    Ensure that rural youth will stay connected under all circumstances, through the development of a digital platform -Promote distance learning and digitalization of educational processes.